Friday, January 20, 2012

The End Of The Semester

A semester of high school is made of a lot of learning, a lot of creativity and some fun along the way.  The main reason for high school is to prepare you for a career or career plan after Grade 12.  Progress depends on your own ability to move forward during your years at Heights.  It is very important to put your own plan in place and stick to it, see that you are achieving what is necessary to be successful.

How have I progressed since the beginning of the semester?

What was my highlight of the semester?

How am I getting ready for the final exam?

Friday, December 9, 2011

First Full Week...

We're finishing our first full week in CommTech, yaaa!
We've had a smooth start at using Adobe Dreamweaver and have learned about a few tools along the way.

Name 3 things that have increased your interest and made the week (and a half) a little more exciting. Explain in full sentence form (minimum of 3 sentences).

Also, feel free to modify or add an additional game or other element to your blog.
 These tools are located under the heading "Design" above.

Killing the Stroke!

Read this short article and explain in your own words how to easily switch the Stroke and Fill settings for a specific shape simply by pressing a key on the keyboard.  There are 2 ways in which you can perform a switch.  Explain in sentence form.

Flash Vs. HTML5

The Adobe Flash Player has long been the tool of choice to bring animation and videos to the Internet until Apple discontinued the use of Flash on the iPod and iPad.  So we are waiting for the ultimate replacement software.  HTML5 could be the one.

Find 3 reasons that HTML5 is equivilent to Adobe Flash, and 2 features that it still does not have, by checking out this site:

Write your answers in clear sentences describing each point to the best of your knowledge so far.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Bad Situation Turned Good

Have you ever had a bad situation that appeared to be a little threatening, but due to some good old positive thinking, you were able to turn it into a good situation?

Sometimes the only way to make the best of a bad situation is to find a way to turn it all around. Find something you can do to flip the problem into a solution.

A common one might be when a person is being bullied because that person is not very popular, and you step in as a friend and help the person walk away from the situation.  Talking someone out of a situation takes a lot more nerve and confidence than joining in and being another bully.

Have you ever been in a bad situation, where your bravery has helped someone else?

Or have you been in a bad situation where changing your tone with someone else has made the situation more positive?

Explain your experience with one of the two situations above.

Friday, November 11, 2011

What is a Cenotaph?

Remembrance Day has been an event that is held all over Canada to remember those who have fought and who have lost their lives at war.  This is in remembrance of all people involved in all war's of our time and before.

Cenotaph's are a monument that are recognized on Remembrance Day. 

What is a Cenotaph and what does it represent?

What incident happened in Montrial last weekend that affects how a whole community will feel on Remembrance Day this year?  Explain how Canadian Forces Sgt. Brangwyn Jones feels about this incident.

Find the answers in this article:

Friday, November 4, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness is a time when a person willingly and spontaneously performs a good deed for someone else.  This type of gesture is promoted world wide to encourage people to do a good turn.

Where and when did this tradition start?

Have you performed a random act of kindness recently?

If not, what could you do to randomly help someone else?

Remember, this activity is a good way to upgrade your writing skills - write in full, detailed answers ;-)